A Tale of Two Cheasties, a year later

On March 13, 2014, I put up a little post here about some folks wanting to put a mountain bike park in a Seattle Parks natural area. Only a handful of people knew about it. That little post has now been read over 1,500 times: A Tale of Two Cheasties.

Time for an update.

A year later, Cheasty has become the unfortunate poster child for both sides in a contentious debate about our Parks. You just say the word Cheasty, and many people know the issues you’re talking about. The Seattle City Council has become involved, it has been written up in the media, Parks organized a very adversarial Project Advisory Team, and people have become more divided than ever. It is a polarizing issue, unfortunately.

There is no bike park. Yet.

Personally, I am more opposed to it than I was a year ago. The actual proposal has constantly morphed over the course of that year – to gain funding, to sway public opinion, and to influence elected officials and private sector donors. The current proposal barely resembles the one I wrote about a year ago. I have been constantly appalled at the misleading information and pandering that has taken place.

Cheasty Greenspace

Cheasty Greenspace

Cheasty Greenspace is still there, but it is being “restored”. Invasive plants are being removed. Hundreds of “volunteers” have tromped through Cheasty with chainsaws, shovels, pick axes, and more. They have changed the landscape. It breaks my heart.

When they are done restoring it as a natural area, it will be destroyed. It will no longer be a natural area. For everyone. It will be a mountain bike recreation area. For a few.

It can’t be both.

A little more from this blog on Cheasty:


About Mark Ahlness

I am a retired teacher, with dreams of still making a difference.
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