Happy Earth Day!


Rachel, age 16, Patton, PA

Earth Day is April 22nd every year, and kids have been working on getting the word out.

The Earth Day Groceries Project is most likely the largest art give away in history, as millions of school children have poured their artistic and environmental passions into decorating grocery bags that ended up in homes around the world, on Earth Day – in all 50 States and over 40 countries.

Thousands of schools have participated and sent in reports to document their participation.

Now in its 21st year, the Project is a grownup.

If you’ve ever received a decorated bag at the grocery store on Earth Day, it is because of this project.

It began in 1994, with an email invitation sent out to a couple of education listservs. The project has grown, spread, and taken on a life of its own. It has had a blog, a Twitter account, Flickr groups, and was a 501(c)(3) for many years.

These days, the website started in 1995, is still there, with thousands of reports and pictures, going back 21 years. There is also an active Facebook page.

Happy Earth Day!

Ashley, 8, Kansas City, MO

Ashley, 8, Kansas City, MO

Ariana, 9, Philadelphia PA

Ariana, 9, Philadelphia PA

Masy, 9, Omro, WI

Masy, 9, Omro, WI



About Mark Ahlness

I am a retired teacher, with dreams of still making a difference.
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